Monday, February 15, 2010


POINTBLANK.............I am a bit disturbed at many of you..Not all...Let me first give the positive. Big up to Yahzarah, Jesse Boykins III,Sy Smith,Russell Taylor,ChinahBlac, Ra Re Valverde,Tamara Wellons,Choklate,Green Tea,Bilal Oliver,Darien Brockington,Chester Gregory and I'm sure I can name more when it comes to the meaning of "Hustle Hard" and respecting the tastemakers that help keep the momentum of the hustle going.(Realizing that I am only ONE of MANY tastemakers that support and play your music)....For you others(I won't call you out this time,lol),it would benefit you well that when you find those that believe in what you do, respect your art, enough to want to spotlight you-with nothing in return expected, that you take a look at that. Unless you're someone like Eric Roberson who has a STRONG foundation and a STRONG global following(even still he hustles and also embraces the work of tastemakers), if you're lookin to live and eat off of this music thing--come to reality and realize that you need all the help you can get(also taking into consideration that all help aint good help,lol)...especially,in this indie market.. And it doesnt have to be R.E.D.SOUL that you choose to get on the horn and spread the word..You've got alot of great ones out there:: On The Verge, SoulBounce, Nu Soul Mag, HoneySoul and 4Da Soul...just to name a few....choose who u want...And if someone reaches out to you (with good intent) and you can clearly see that this tastemaker has been supporting and blasting you from here to Kingdom Come, respect that. Besides, some of you haven't a clue about how to promote your art after its created. Accept help in this endeavor. Otherwise, you'll just be a great artist with alot of good music that nobody's heard,only big in the area that you live, or only booking yourself as an opening act or on a small plateau waiting for a break that will never make...THINK its a whole world out there!! And its folk out there that will help you- even with you having little to no budget;but instead will help you out of respect and love of your artistry.
Should I get specific and reveal some names?????(smile) be continued.....

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