Wednesday, March 3, 2010



The incredible soulful vocal force that is CHOKLATE joins forces with REEL PEOPLE MUSIC, embarking on a new journey into house, unleashing a monstrous new single titled THE TEA.... .......CHOKLATE delivers a powerful lyric about standing true to yourself over a selection of stunning grooves lovingly tailored by a heavyweight collection of producers including REEL PEOPLE, MANOO and THE LAYABOUTS. REEL PEOPLE cook up funky discofied soulful jam complete with lush sweeping strings, THE LAYABOUTS deliver an explosive deep groove ripe with drama and hypnotic hooks along with a reprise, and MANOO magic’s up a warm soulful piano laced mix oozing with bounce.

Born in Seattle, WA and raised in San Diego on a Gospel diet, singer/songwriter Choklate has always in one way or another been involved with music or dance. The newest soul singer to the scene was introduced to hip-hop by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’. “It was the first ‘worldy’ song and only video allowed in the house.” So when finally out on her own, she recalls having her ear to everything from Bach and Yo Yo Ma to Brotha Lynch Hung. Over the years, living in Seattle and honing her craft, beside having been a resident at one of the most popular club nights in Seattle, Jumbalaya, Choklate continues to express and explore the art of musical creation through both writing and singing for herself as well as other artists as well as performing stunning live shows. In May 2006 she released a full-length debut self titled album on Kajmere Sound Recordings, enli sting talents of some heavyweight collaborators and executively produced by Vitamin D. In addition Choklate has worked with a multitude of artists on projects with Blacksheep, Boom Bap Project, Abstract Rude, Butta Verses, De La Soul, Gift of Gab, Supanatural and Chali 2na’s solo records.

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