Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Something About Faith releases today!!

Faith Evans releases her album titled Something About Faith under the independent music label E1 Music. Something About Faith delivers soaring soulful melodies and exceptional vocal arrangements only bested by her signature voice. Helmed by an eclectic group of notable producers that include the likes of Salaam Remi, Mike City, Malik Pendleton, Chucky Thompson, and Carvin & Ivan, the album is a mosaic masterpiece of different interpretations and soundscapes that comprise the quiet storm known as Faith. Serving as the perfect reintroduction to the First Lady, the official first single “Gone Already”, is an emotionally charged radio-friendly ballad, complimented by a definitive lyric that showcases the essence of Faith. It proves to be her declarative statement of a failed relationship, completed by an anthemic track with pop sensibilities. “Being in full creative control this time around really gave me the opportunity to rely on my relationships. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for all of the artists, writers, and producers who lent their support. Collectively, they helped manifest my vision to create [what I consider to be] one of my best bodies of work.”

01. Something About Faith (Intro) (Produced By Kye Russaw And 2:41
Faith Evans)
02. I Still (Produced By KayTwo) 4:10
03. Way You Move Ft. Snoop Dogg (Produced By Chucky Thompson 4:55
And Faith Evans)
04. Real Things (Produced By Malik Pendleton) 3:02
05. Worth It (Produced By Chucky Thompson And Faith Evans) 3:39
06. Gone Already (Produced By Orthodox, Ransum And Faith Evans) 3:52
07. Party Ft. Redman (Produced By Mike City And Faith Evans) 3:37
08. Right Here (Produced By Kye Russaw And Faith Evans) 3:07
09. Your Lover (Produced By Chucky Thompson And Faith Evans) 3:10
10. Can't Stay Away Ft. Keyshia Cole (Produced By Ibe And Faith 3:20
11. Sunshine (Produced By Mike City And Faith Evans) 3:33
12. Everyday Struggle Ft. Raekwon (Produced By Faith Evans And 4:31
Brad Todd)
13. The Love In Me (Produced By Salaam Remi And Faith Evans) 3:36
14. Change (Produced By Anthony Bell, Darrell Robinson And 3:44
Faith Evans)
15. Troubled World Ft. Kelly Price And Jessica Reedy (Produced 3:53
By Chucky Thompson And Faith Evans)
16. Baby Lay (Bonus Ballad) (Produced By Devinaire, Ben Briggs 3:51
III And Faith Evans)

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