Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diamond Digital captures Yahzarah

As many of you know, soon Yahzarah will be welcoming the ultimate gift to her life- a baby boy! She has joined forces with Diamond Digital Portraits to capture her journey to motherhood. Simply Beautiful..Focused....Vibrant....Joy-Filled...Motivated...Feeling Blessed describes Ms. Saint-James' mood these days. Diamond Digital Portraits is one of the illest when it comes to capturing special moments in a light that's just right! Diamond Digital Portraits was established in May of 2005, owned and operated by Edith Williams. Ms. Williams didn’t have any formal training in photography or in Photoshop. Through self motivation and determination, Edith quickly developed the skills at her craft. Diamond Digital Portraits slowly but surely became noticed in the Baltimore, Washington D.C and now in the Virginia area.
Edith has shot artist such as, Curt Chambers, Chester Gregory, Melanie Fiona, Eric Roberson, Russell Taylor, K’Jon, Patti LaBelle, Erykah Badu, Yahazah, Foreign Exchange, Green Tea, Navasha Daya, Chico DeBarge, Vivian Green and many other artist. Diamond Digital Portraits also specializes in wedding photography. To date, Edith has shot over 20 weddings in her career. She also does family portraits, head shots and photo shoots.

To view more of the work of Edith Williams: http://www.flickr.com/photos/babygirldiamond

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