Monday, May 2, 2011

Questlove pays tribute to Roy Ayers in Documentary

**Be sure to check the new site in dedication to ROY AYERS here:
It's indeed a delight whenever the music world takes time to honor those persons who have dedicated their lives to blessing the world with undeniable artistry, innovativeness, and creativity through music. Roy Ayers is up next! That's right...finally! In the soon to be released ROY AYERS PROJECT, Questlove will discuss how the artistry of Roy Ayers has helped to shape is own craft.
"Roy Ayers is the godfather of neo-soul, there would be no true understanding of the Roots if it weren't for Roy Ayers," Quest said in the documentary's trailer. "Roy Ayers is the godfather of that whole movement, of the soul movement, of progressive hip-hop. He is the godfather of the movement."

Roy Ayers Project: Questlove from Roy Ayers Project on Vimeo.


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