Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rell releases A Tribute to Donny Hathaway Video& A Blazing New Single

The singer/songwriter is not slowing down when it comes to putting in work to resurface himself, this time as an independent artist. Last week he released his first musical offering titled "Beautiful Girl"-available for download at www.tunecore.com/music/officialrellmusic
In addition, you definitely want to see this video captured by yours truly where he pays homage to the late Donny Hathaway...He was definitely in rare form

Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X :: The Zulu Guru Project

Recently, Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X launched promotions for their upcoming project titled ZULU GURU. This project is slated for an early fall release. The two have crafted a chemistry that illustrates the new direction of Hip Hop and R&B while fusing together elements of Electronic, Afro-Beat and Music of West Indian influence. They have released a statement in regards to the new highly anticipated project---"The history of the ZuLu is one rich with stories of royalty, valor and the warrior spirit. In an age of creative freedom through the use of social networks, we have become warriors of free expression. Never bound by the shackles of genre, we travel and shift through musical landscapes, breaking down barriers in the process. Our approach to music is similar to that of the spirited tribal warrior; conquering new land as we travel the world winning wars through romance. As we venture into a new level in our careers, we continue to embody the Zulu warrior spirit while elaborating on the romantic qualities in everyday life.

The greatest minds are the ones that connect wholeheartedly with their artistic visions and do all they can to make it reality. The Guru in us all simply craves evolution and tranquility which comes with experience, which is simply the process in which we become more and more true to ourselves: being able to acknowledge our flaws and mistakes and wrongdoings and grow for the better.

In this music there is honesty; pure understanding or putting forth the effort to understand the emotions that make us do what we do. We write to express and highlight things within ourselves and our culture that we feel hold some sort of significance, good or bad. We deeply connect with the many cultures of the world, traveling and over-involving ourselves with awareness. This music we bring to you is a sonic form of connection, a humbling form of passion, and the advancement of art in form of romance."

For info on the project and to pre-order it visit::: http://www.ninjatune.net/zuluguru/

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I was delighted this morning when I ran into a voice that I'd been dying to hear for quite sometime. The voice of Crystal Johnson. Many of us were introduced to her from the "Who's The Man" Soundtrack with a single called "Lovin' You". And we can never forget how she solidified Mobb Deep's "Temperature's Rising". Well folks, Im here to let you know that Crystal is still at it! Doin Her Thing. She directed my attention to her latest single which features Phife Dawg titled "Come Home rmx" produced by Herb Middleton. This joint is a laid back/head-nod/summertime type of vibe. Im Loving it!! And you will too. Now Available on I-Tunes!!!
Visit www.crystaljohnson.com for more on Crystal

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AMMA WHATT:: Releases A Masterpiece #SOLID

I was introduced to this young lady nearly months ago at a release concert for Nicholas Ryan Gant's and Green Tea's new albums. I thought to myself, "This is not only a very poised and beautiul young lady, but when she opens her mouth, flowers began to bloom". Her voice is definitive, soothing and a power-house at the same time!
With her debut project titled "Maybe",she does an outstanding job blending elements of r&b,soul, and world music. There is, without a doubt, something on this album for everybody to enjoy. It's definitely something you would want to add to your music library. you can preview and purchase Amma's album below. Also, visit www.ammawhatt.bandcamp.com to find out more about this artist.

Dwele:: New Video with New Album Underway!!!

Many of you have already caught wind of Dwele's recent single release of "What Profit". A week ago, the video for it was also released(See Below). As Dwele,prepares to release what will be his fifth studio album, many are on the edge of their seats anticipating the weight of this project. Though Dwele has remained consistent with his suave and soulful delivery over laced out hypnotic tracks, I hope that he realizes that in this present time as it relates to both soul and hip hop, we as music lovers are in desperate need of music that is seamless, gravitating, addictive, timeless and unforgetable. Much like that of his "Rize" and "Subject" albums. Can he pull this off, Indeed he can!! Will he?? I hope so. And the new single makes me think that he's about to do so!! Stay Tuned!!

Lolah Brown::: The Black Lily Project

If you haven't heard the name Lolah Brown as it relates to music, you've definitely caught wind of this Cleveland native songstress. For many years she's sung backgrounds for artists like Keri Hilson,and John Legend just to name a few. Ms Brown has recently dropped her debut solo project titled "BLACK LILY". As she introduces herself as a solo artist “BLACK LILY" is sure to prove her noteworthy of this title. And guess what.....It's FREE!!!(CLICK IMAGE ABOVE OR BELOW) The album includes appearances by BJ The Chicago Kid, Jerreau, GLC, and Bravo. Enjoy!!
VISIT:: www.lolahbrown.com to learn more about this artist