Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dwele:: New Video with New Album Underway!!!

Many of you have already caught wind of Dwele's recent single release of "What Profit". A week ago, the video for it was also released(See Below). As Dwele,prepares to release what will be his fifth studio album, many are on the edge of their seats anticipating the weight of this project. Though Dwele has remained consistent with his suave and soulful delivery over laced out hypnotic tracks, I hope that he realizes that in this present time as it relates to both soul and hip hop, we as music lovers are in desperate need of music that is seamless, gravitating, addictive, timeless and unforgetable. Much like that of his "Rize" and "Subject" albums. Can he pull this off, Indeed he can!! Will he?? I hope so. And the new single makes me think that he's about to do so!! Stay Tuned!!

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