Friday, December 21, 2012

DJ CONSCIENCE drops two new Reggae Dancehall Mixtapes

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DJ Conscience  has dropped two new reggae dancehall volumes of his RIDDIM DRIIVA series. Hear the latest and hottest riddims goin on right now!! you can receive your FREE DOWNLOAD by clicking the image above

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wes Felton's Selective Mortality EP #Certified Dope

THIS IS INDEED A BANGER/A MUST HAVE!!!!! CLICK THE IMAGE TO GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!! Once again, DC’s prolific prophet attempts to resuscitate hip-hop & soul music. Wes Felton has earned an inevitable amount of deference. Described as a “Renaissance Man” his last album, “Handle With Care”, redefined the sound and look of R&B, Jazz, Soul & Hip Hop, and how the avant-garde listens & relates to the mainstream. The theme of his latest EP titled Selective Morality is “Imagine the Future”, the story of a man at a creative crossroads. Selective Morality is perhaps the best realization of conceptualizing a world that blends the physical & spiritual complexities of our present state of being. It is not that what Wes Felton has created is simple, but it treats simplicity as a sign of confidence rather than a lack of ideas. Producer Kenny Allen (exclusive producer) brings to an existence a distinct R&B sound anchored with minimal bass heavy templates, extended harmonies, embellished with calculating melodies & rhymes. Together, Wes Felton and Kenny Allen rediscover the soul genre. Imagine the future.