Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wes Felton's Selective Mortality EP #Certified Dope

THIS IS INDEED A BANGER/A MUST HAVE!!!!! CLICK THE IMAGE TO GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!! Once again, DC’s prolific prophet attempts to resuscitate hip-hop & soul music. Wes Felton has earned an inevitable amount of deference. Described as a “Renaissance Man” his last album, “Handle With Care”, redefined the sound and look of R&B, Jazz, Soul & Hip Hop, and how the avant-garde listens & relates to the mainstream. The theme of his latest EP titled Selective Morality is “Imagine the Future”, the story of a man at a creative crossroads. Selective Morality is perhaps the best realization of conceptualizing a world that blends the physical & spiritual complexities of our present state of being. It is not that what Wes Felton has created is simple, but it treats simplicity as a sign of confidence rather than a lack of ideas. Producer Kenny Allen (exclusive producer) brings to an existence a distinct R&B sound anchored with minimal bass heavy templates, extended harmonies, embellished with calculating melodies & rhymes. Together, Wes Felton and Kenny Allen rediscover the soul genre. Imagine the future.

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