Monday, January 21, 2013

Green Tea - "Never Be the Blame" ft. Gods'Illa OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Reminisce- An Intimate Talk with Pete Rock by GasFace

It's the famous and one of the most influential hip hop producers of our time- Pete Rock.
Recently with an interview with GasFace, Pete gives an in depth reflection of his music as well as friends and family that he's lost through the years. Check It Out #DOPE

Reminisce For a Spell by Gasface

Friday, January 11, 2013


Curtis Mayfield would definitely be smiling right now!!
Nicholas Ryan Gant recently posted a youtube clip of himself rehearsing for an upcoming show, where he resurrects Mayfield's classic hit "The Makings Of You" Misha Fatkiev on guitar and Farai Malianga on box drum. Now, I've heard many covers of this song. But this one right here (smh). It evokes "that feeling" much like the one in which it was originally recorded. But yet, Gant does his duty to put his own signature on it. I hope he has plans to do a studio version of it. What do you say Nicholas????

Saturday, January 5, 2013

CHOKLATE Speaks:: Find Your Incredible #Inspire

As many of you know, R.E.D.SOUL rides for Chok!! lol
A few months back, this beautiful and talented songstress gave a heartfelt speech that will inspire and touch...i think just about anyone who watches, lol... She goes behind the scenes of growing up sharing the inspiration for her hit song single "Incredible". Check It out #LovUChok

It's About Time..Tracey Lee!!

Been a minute since you may have heard from this brother. I can honestly tell you that creativity has not stopped where this brother is concerned. His vault of jewels is sick. He has exposed on of his latest joints "It's About Time"that definitely puts his audience in high anticipation of what to expect from this ill MC. He rebirths an underground classic by Marvin Gaye "Time" and works it into a hipnotic, headnod as he attack the track with no apology. "It's About Time" evokes the same exact revolutionary feel as the original sampled track...Job Well Done!!..Tracey Lee y'all...Are you ready? I am...It's About Time.. #RebirthOfHipHip2013

Diggs Duke meets Giles Peterson

The talented artist Diggs Duke has been making waves across the globe-indeed! His unique sound brings forth elements of true instrumentation with definitive meltdown with blends of jazz, soul, bluegrass and even hip hop. He recently sat in with the famous and musically respected Giles Peterson while in the UK to do an interview- a very good glimpse into his artistry...Check it out!!!

New Music from Wes Felton featuring Gwen Bunn

The artist W.Ellington Felton's just unveiled a new single from his upcoming project titled "Imagine The Future". The project is set to release late February. The song "Example" is a collaboration with ATL based singer/songwriter Gwen Bunn. Produced by DC Native and Ethiopian resident Kenny Allen. Check out this dopeness!!!