Wednesday, July 1, 2015

JULY FEATURE::Wendel Patrick::Producer/Musician

July's Feature Artist would be no other than the most talented Wendel Patrick(producer/musician). He's even got skills on the mic!!!  He is, without a doubt, a representation of true artistry with skills to satisfy the ears of true music connoisseurs like myself. This Baltimore native was born into a West Indian Family (Jamaica/Trinidad). He began his musical training with piano as early as 4 while living in Venezuela and continued when his family relocated to Jamaica  at age 11. His musical influences are those he heard as a child through his parents' own love for music which included artists like Miles Davis, Bob Marley, George Clinton, and Mighty Sparrow. By the age of 14, his family relocated back to the states just in time for him to engulf upon the world of hip hop as his musical world became influenced by Hip Hop icons like Eric B and Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Run DMC. As his love for hip hop grew deeper, so did his love and study for jazz. Upon attending college in Atlanta, he continued his training with the piano. He then began to study the work of artists like John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, and Cecil Taylor. Ok the rest you will have to read in his BIO. But all of this explains why when you hear this brother's work, his style of delivery sounds like that of one who truly loves and has a true passion for and knowledge of music, moreover, Jazz and Hip Hop music. He definitely has a new fan over here!!! He has several projects out that are available for purchase on his website. Goto GET EXPOSED!!!!! SUPPORT GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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