Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Musiq SoulChild is Purple Wondaluv


It's about 3am and I decided to give this project a run off the late night. Contrary to what I've heard, this to me, is a solid project. The artist we know as Musiq Soulchild is making certain that his craft is NOT PUT INTO A BOX. He is expressing in free form through his artistic dimensional personalities being The Hussel (the hip hop croon), which he revealed first- nearly a year and a half ago, Purple WOndaLuv (urban alternative), and word is, the style in which we know him for-as Musiq Soulchild will be releasing new music soon as well. I'm digging this whole concept and moreover, I'm digging this project. You will too!! Just make sure that when you listen, that you keep an open mind and keep the familiar sound and style of Musiq Soulchild out of your head. For this is Purple Wondaluv. Click image above to review and purchase on I-Tunes

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