Friday, June 19, 2015

RELL:: Still Grindin

Hopefully you are already familiar with the talents of singer RELL, formerly of Rocafella Records (Jay-Z & Dame Dash). Well that was his beginning. This is now! Rell is currently starting to make waves once again as it relates his artistry as a singer. His gift of songwriting and unique street-style sex appeal is sure to help give R&B that needed turn. Check out his latest venture documented by yours truly titled---"The Realest". His work ethic is bananas. How many artists do you know that complete a song in studio and film a video for it on the same day??


RELL has made contributions in abundance to the music world with his definitive vocal style. His voice can be heard on some of the illest songs in hip hop of all time.He has also spent the last year and a half on tour with rock/blues group The Revelations.  

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