Saturday, March 25, 2017

CHASING GOOSEBUMPS:: Glenn Lewis x DJ Jazzy Jeff x Rich Medinia

Each time I play this album, I definitely understand why they chose the title "Chasing Goosebumps". Props to Glenn Lewis, Jazzy Jeff and Rich Medina. This is the kind of project I'd hope for from Glenn for a long time now. Talk about Soul Music Restoration...Or just Restoration of "GOOD MUSIC". My hope is that it awakens folk--the listeners and other artists. My hope is that more artists find that place where they can create music that is the proper blend of them expressing themselves-being able to stay true to their interpretation, but not so true that they are unable to create music that people (masses) actually want to hear. I mean....if the intention is to be heard and actually "eat". That doesn't go for artist just want to have the space to create music and the monetary or popularity thing is less important...and that is fine too, for those that can afford to do so...but, if that is not the case, you may chance going the through some struggling times trying to stay afloat or affluent as a full time artist. Sometimes we (even I) hear projects from our favorite artists and no matter how bad it sucks, or how much luster it lacks....because we love the artist...we are afraid to be honest and say it sucks or wtf or accept the fact that it's not "moving".... The joy comes when that artist releases something into the universe that is definitive, gravitating and soothing to the ears, spirit evoking within our soul, makes our heads nod..our bodies syncopate to the Chasing Goosebumps!! If you aint got it......GET EXPOSED

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