Monday, March 27, 2017


My Reflection on Tracey Lee
I believe it was the summer of 1990 I was hanging at my ace-homie Sean's crib. We decide to go next door to play basketball at Terry's (Tracey's brother) crib. When we got there, I met Tracey. He was on the sideline rhyming over the music that was playing from someone's car (cant remember who). Dude was nice! Even then. He let us know then that this was his passion and that he was gonna make it happen. Fast-forward to my sophmore year in college-spring of then I was djing...We all gathered at Sean and Terry's crib in ATL for Freaknic. Can't remember quite everything lol , but I know we had a great time. They threw a party and I was the DJ. Tracey gave me much props and invited me to spin at this party he was doin at Six Flags--Bangin. During that time, he slid me a cassette tape and was like "This is what Ive been up to...I'm about to do this thing". Two joints that stood out to me on that tape were "Reputation" and "On Edge" (On Edge later appeared on Many Facez). When I heard the songs on the tape I knew without a doubt that this brother was about to do the damn thing. And when he did, I was so proud man!! I really was. Seeing him on the charts, on TV, hearing him on the radio, going the club and seeing the reaction of the crowd when "The Theme" came on!!!! "Its Party Time".
Tray--man I was proud of you then and I am proud of you now! You're a perfect example of determination, resilience and excellence!! I salute you!!!~Reuben aka DJ Conscience

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