Saturday, April 15, 2017

R.E.D.SOUL SESSIONS with Yahzarah:: What A Moment

I decided to let this go this week. This is a late night session we had a while back. After recording the song of intent, up and coming producer Carlyle (Young Pharaoh) began to play this track he'd been working on. It was just a simple vibe track, but dope, where he looped a sample from Erykah Badu's Otherside Of the Game and laced it with some boom bap drum patterns. Yahzarah, sitting off in a corner began to nod her head back and forth,she was like, "Man I used to love this song (speaking of the Badu song). Shoot...I even like how you're freakin it"
With the lights dimmed, she began to scat, and sing as she raised up from her seat and make her way up to the microphone. "Wait...start it over?" she closed her eyes and began to belt out thoughts from the dome. I was always holding the camera-documenting the session. This is what birthed out of that cipher.


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