Saturday, August 19, 2017

JahMedicine x Oboogie Keep It Hip Hop....Keep It Brooklyn

Anytime dope music is released, I am overjoyed. Especially when it comes to hip hop. I try to move with the times, but there are many elements..basic, but very essential elements that I feel the new generation has somehow neglected or swept under the rug. The Flyest Moments Of My Life brings forth some Hip Hop Relief for me indeed. My homie, OBoogie and his brother Jahmedicine both natives of Brooklyn, have united forces and created this phenomenal project. Definitely Hip Hop, but with a whole world approach as you can hear elements of  influences like Afrobeat, Samba, and even Bossanova. I can't even put into words how ecstatic I am about the fact that these brothers have decided to share their gifts and talents with the world. Long time coming and not a moment too soon! All my hip hop heads out there, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!! Thank Me Later!!

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  1. Music enlightens my soul whenever I listen to it. Thanks R.E.D for contributing to the world of music industry. Do share amazing songs and videos on your blog.